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Business Solutions Packages


What if you never had to categorize a transaction again? Or run another payroll cycle? Or spend hours trying to configure your financial reports? What if you could focus on what you love – your business – rather than the accounting? Haga Kommer’s Business Solutions Packages help you do just that.

Our Business Solution packages not only look at your business’s past performance with reconciling and reporting, but we also look ahead and help you proactively plan for what’s coming down the road.

Take the accounting load off your shoulders – we’ll drive the process. We’ll send regular reports, schedule update meetings and make forward-thinking recommendations.

And the best part of Business Solutions packages? We don’t start the clock every time you call, email or text. We want there to be open communication in this partnership. Go ahead, ask us everything you’ve wanted to ask your current accountant but couldn’t be a true partner, and that means being there for you when you need us.

We have experts who specialize in payroll and payroll alone! They know every intricacy about payroll and the rules and regulations that go with it.

Looking for advice on valuation or merging? We have team members with that expertise too!

What we’re saying is that our Business Solutions packages aren’t like hiring someone internally or even working with your brother’s sister’s friend who used to do accounting. Our Business Solutions packages are robust, expert-level, customized and effective.

Outsourced CFO or Virtual CFO Services

Need just a few months of high-level financial direction and counsel? Or maybe you need regular guidance long-term, but you don’t want to hire a CTO internally? Our Outsourced CFO or Virtual CFO services offer that strategic-level guidance from an expert, experienced executive without having to pay an annual salary, benefits or HR management. Plus, working with a Haga Kommer Virtual CFO still gives you access to ALL of Haga Kommer’s tax and accounting experts.

Business Partner Options

Our Business Solutions clients tell us one of the best things about working with us is that we also have business partners who can integrate into our service and provide additional value. Check out our Business Partners page to see our family of business services to add on to your Business Solutions Package.

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